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Hi, there! I'm Natthan. Thanks to my wonderfully intelligent wife who was able to knock some sense into me and help me realize I have a huge untapped talent for technology (I taught myself how to code at 10, but it wasn't the cool thing to do back then), I am now acting on it!

Fun Facts.

  • Father of a super cute mixed baby (completely serious!)
  • Avid cyclist. Love cycling centuries (100 miles)
  • Person of the world (I love cultures and languages)
  • I speak French. Just wait for me to brush off the dust from college
  • I speak better Chinese than French (This one I'm serious about)
  • Started a business in China
  • My wife and I compliment each other way too much
  • I love to learn. I will ask you a million questions


Talented technologist with a strong business background and savvy nature to leverage tools to get the job done.

Back End Development

Front End Development

Architecture / Frameworks

Testing / Documentation

Project / Product Management

Entrepreneurship / Leadership

Sales / Marketing

Business Operations

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Work strategy.


Starting with identifying a problem, I define what a solution could be and then work backwards filling in the blanks to bring the goal to life


Turn the idea into use cases, flow charts, architecture, functions, and any other supporting technical documents necessary to ensure development, as the age old saying goes, comes in "on time and under budget." This aspect usually involves a lot of coffee.


Perform all functional and technical testing, beta test with target customers, and, most important, ensure a bug-free application. All of which has the goal of validating that this is a product the market needs and will support.


Ship the product and immediately begin gathering market feedback, analytics, and running as fast as possible!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


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Status : Available


2016 - Present


2015 - Present


  • Extensive market research to uncover problems, develop business opportunity, and code the MVP
  • Prospected & hired a 5-man core team and built processes/procedures to run as a remote team leveraging online tools in order to facilitate effective international expansion in the future
  • Signed 10 partners around the world by identifying needs & positioning our no-loss, value add model
  • Early stages of 4 B2B deals in the China market valued at 1 million RMB (USD ~$150,000)
  • Successfully hired on our VP of IT with 6 years prior CTO experience to run technical operations
  • Heavily involved in product feature R&D and creation of all needed development material (flowcharts, story boards, use cases, wireframes, etc), ensuring company vision and business needs are aligned
  • Completed first B2C deal, learning a tremendous amount to benefit building a scalable B2C model
2014 - 2015

Inside Sales & Digital Marketing

  • Developed a meticulous, organized, effective workflow to continually chase down & exceed all metrics
  • Ability to understand deep level technical information & translate it to customer specific needs
  • Identified areas of opportunity for growth within the sales dept, built/presented road map to Directors
2014 - 2014

Hardware Territory Representative

  • Upheld 20% growth track within the territory to grow $700K from 2.7M to 3.4M
  • Building sustainable relationships with accounts from the bottom (sales staff) to the top (owner)
  • Acute entrepreneur mind to identify business opportunities fast with good judgment, guiding accounts to make right purchasing decisions for their business while maximizing sales growth for the company
2012 - 2014

Field Sales Representative

  • Increased gross revenue 10.57% YTD, double the national average, representing a $500K increase
  • Led and supported the training of many new hires to become highly productive employees
  • Built my own sales force with store associates by creating my own brand ambassador program



Bachelor's of Business Administation, Entrepreneurship

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San Diego, CA